Hungarian photographer Balázs Böröcz first met with the camera at the age of 11. At the beginning he was a self-taught photographer, learning darkroom techniques and alternative processes by himself.

Böröcz’s first body of photographic work was a series of self-portraits. Begun 2003 and ongoing the project is based on relationships and associations between the subject and his surroundings. He makes ten unique prints of each image, using lith printing. His work has been published in different international magazines like Eyemazing, Gomma, Shots Magazine, Il Fotografo, Photographer’s Forum and has been exhibited on several group and solo exhibitions in Europe and Japan.

In 2008 he founded a photography and design studio for classical musicians called Pilvax Studio. He photographs many of the new generation artists throughout Europe and working as a visual artist in residence on renowned music festivals.

In the same year, he was invited two times to give workshops in St. Petersburg, Russia at the Peterburgskie Photography Fund about associative photography and alternative processes.

His other projects include a documentary series featuring classical musicians, and “The Land of Plenty” (2012) a Brazil-based urban photography series.

In 2013 his self portraits were published in The New Collectible Art Photography  (Thames & Hudson) curated by Susan A. Zadeh - Eyemazing.

In 2013 he completed the first part of his self portrait portfolio which embraces ten years of the project.

Parallel to his other photographic works, he intends to continue the self portrait project during his entire lifetime, keeping the same printing methods, format and edition number.

Balázs Böröcz is based in Budapest and travels regularly for photo and film assignements.